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  • Local Business Listings | Get found on business . . .
    Responding to customer reviews across all local business listings can not only be a lot of work, but also overwhelming – even at the best of times 1 1 List Local allows you to respond directly to all user-generated content, including feedback, reviews and ratings all from one easy-to-use control center
  • Business Lists | Business Database | Business Mailing Lists
    Business List The business lists offered here are the most extensive and up to date lists available on the Internet You’ll get access to the most comprehensive business database on the market, because we know that it’s a global economy now
  • telefonbuch. com - business directories, yellow pages and . . .
    We supply insights! Search for your desired contact in over 450 online directories: Telephone books, Yellow Pages, White Pages, email directories, regional directories, manufacturer and supplier directories
  • telefonbuch. com in Europe - business directories, yellow . . .
    List of yellow pages, white pages and business directories in Europe Find the right telephone number in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Italy
  • Information for directories - Fujitsu Australia
    Fujitsu Australia Limited and Fujitsu New Zealand Limited: Information for directories
  • Business Directory advertising with 1 1
    With 1 1 List Local you can ensure that your company has a presence on local business directories Promote yourself in your area with 1 1
  • Company Search Business Profiles | Search D B Hoovers
    Find company information on D B Hoovers, the world's largest company directory Search for a company, then refine results by location, revenue, size and industry D B Hoovers business entity search provides B2B marketing research and sales prospecting insights Try our sales enablement tools for free today!
  • German Company Directory - AHK Greater China, Liste . . .
    German Company Directory | Greater China is the official directory of German companies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao With more than 5,000 company profiles and more than 6,000 contacts, the German Company Directory Greater China is the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of German companies in Greater China
  • National Court Reporters and Reporting Companies Directory
    Your National Global Source for Court Reporters National and Global Directory of Court Reporting Firms The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), one of the largest international court reporting and litigation support services, is comprised of the most experienced, locally connected, independently owned and operated court reporting firms, handling more than 10 million depositions since
  • Symbol Search Directories | S P Global Platts
    Symbol Directories Platts symbol directories are updated every one to two months in spreadsheet form Please check the new code announcements page here for any new symbols added in the interim Symbol lists in a text and comma-delimited format, updated weekly, are also available via anonymous login at on our FTP site * To view the M2MS active files, please save the files to your computer

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JO,    MA,    IN,    AL,    AN,    CA,    JU,    CO,    AS,    GR,    FR,    FE,    SE,    MI,    VI,    PA,    SA,    AR,    PR,    JA,    RA,    CE,    PE,    TE,    DI,    DA,    RE,    RO,    LA,    ME,    ES,    GA,    SO,    GE,    MO,    BA,    EL,    DE,    EU,    LU,    FU,    SI,    EN,    TR,    AU,    CL,    AG,    JE,    AC,    HO,    TO,    ED,    TA,    NE,    CR,    MU,    AD,    BO,    CI,    FO,    RI,    LO,    SU,    GO,    FA,    AY,    EM,    GU,    AM,    PI,    PU,    DO,    BE,    PO,    FI,    UN,    AB,    NO,    NU,    VA,    IM,    HE,    OR,    CH,    EX,    IB,    PL,    LE,    AP,    VE,    IG,    IS,    QU,    RU,    OS,    AI,    ST,    BR,    XA,    GI,    GL,    AT,    ER,    NA,    SP,    LI,    BL,    WE,    TH,    AV,    CU,    NI,    FL,    HI,    AJ,    BI,    KA,    BU,    MR,    LL,    OL,    ID,    DR,    TU,    AZ,    OP,    TI,    AE,    SC,    UR,    HU,    IV,    DU,    OF,    WA,    EV,    AF,    CY,    KE,    IR,    IT,    HA,    MC,    ON,    OC,    FC,    WO,    IC,    IL,    ZA,    BC,    IE,    KI,    YO,    WI,    YA,    ZO,    EC,    KO,    SY,    SH,    PH,    JM,    ZE,    KR,    PS,    ZU,    CM,    CD,    JI,    VO,    MD,    YE,    AA,    SM,    CS,    AQ,    PC,    OM,    MS,    SL,    OT,    CC,    EP,    IA,    OB,    IP,    DY,    IK,    AX,    EA,    UL,    IZ,    OV,    KL,    JL,    JC,    JJ,    ZI,    MY,    CT,    EQ,    SK,    GS,    KU,    EB,    ET,    CP,    MM,    JR,    MB,    BM,    IO,    SG,    OD,    AK,    SW,    UT,    EI,    EG,    YU,    AH,    MT,    MP,    TC,    RC,    XE,    RM,    WW,    EK,    TS,    GM,    LY,    UC,    BB,    IF,    UP,    UB,    XI,    PY,    HY,    WH,    BY,    EF,    CB,    FJ,    EZ,    US,    HT,    RS,    DD,    KN,    MG,    UD,    OX,    EY,    DM,    BG,    JD,    TX,    JP,    XO,    JS,    MJ,    MK,    FS,    SD,    OA,    XX,    RG,    EJ,    DS,    CG,    JF,    OU,    OI,    FM,    DP,    HN,    VD,    ML,    OK,    GN,    RR,    JG,    TD,    HC,    GC,    GP,    DC,    JH,    SR,    LM,    SV,    DT,    DB,    DJ,    MV,    RP,    BT,    DV,    VC,    VU,    XP,    TW,    PD,    NG,    SN,    TP,    IU,    TL,    JB,    RD,    RB,    AO,    VM,    CV,    UG,    GT,    TY,    CF,    DG,    HR,    SS,    RT,    SF,    FT,    XT,    TG,    SB,    TB,    IH,    ZY,    FP,    RY,    TV,    TT,    DF,    NC,    TM,    LV,    BD,    NS,    PM,    OG,    II,    JT,    FG,    GV,    IX,    LH,    EO,    PT,    FF,    XU,    MF,    KH,    NT,    WU,    RH,    GB,    AW,    B2,    DK,    EH,    JV,    KS,    M2,    LB,    OZ,    DN,    LS,    HS,    PP,    GH,    HD,    RJ,    XC,    KC,    IQ,    PB,    FH,    UM,    LC,    EE,    NR,    FY,    CN,    MH,    VL,    LP,    DH,    MN,    QI,    VR,    NB,    FD,    VS,    KM,    LG,    FX,    VY,    GD,    BP,    PJ,    PV,    OY,    OW,    BS,    LT,    PG,    GY,    BJ,    BH,    FB,    CJ,    A2,    GF,    BF,    OJ,    DL,    VP,    VT,    UE,    QS,    VJ,    VG,    EW,    HG,    UV,    UU,    FN,    SJ,    PK,    XY,    BN,    KG,    KJ,    VB,    SZ,    KP,    WY,    KT,    NH,    KD,    LK,    H2,    HM,    K2,    KW,    IJ,    SQ,    TJ,    KV,    UF,    PN,    NV,    NM,    BV,    XL,    YB,    QA,    DW,    OH,    UI,    QM,    YC,    YM,    BK,    YT,    ZH,    VV,    XS,    JK,    WR,    WB,    HH,    UX,    YD,    UK,    TN,    LD,    NF,    RQ,    M3,    NK,    NN,    HF,    WS,    HB,    MX,    UW,    HP,    DX,    TF,    XD,    XM,    WM,    GW,    GJ,    FK,    QL,    F3,    QE,    A,    QC,    QT,    VN,    ND,    QW,    WC,    TZ,    XN,    ZZ,    IW,    JY,    OQ,    A3,    LF,    RL,    KK,    LN,    LR,    ZF,    HK,    A4,    RW,    A1,    PF,    OO,    YI,    ZW,    ZM,    ZR,    NL,    CW,    W3,    UZ,    D2,    DZ,    ZV,    YR,    PX,    YV,    NW,    BW,    XF,    NY,    C,    YL,    NJ,    C1,    C2,    WT,    XB,    YN,    P4,    CK,    CQ,    WD,    NP,    QO,    RV,    PW,    UH,    RF,    HL,    F2,    MZ,    MQ,    QV,    GG,    QZ,    R2,    RN,    LW,    I2,    LX,    LZ,    QQ,    KY,    LJ,    FQ,    XQ,    YH,    JW,    XR,    KB,    GX,    OE,    ZS,    NZ,    Y1,    J2,    IY,    JQ,    SX,    XW,    J,    JZ,    ZG,    P2,    LQ,    ZP,    S3,    P,    S2,    S,    L4,    K1,    A5,    ZD,    B7,    YP,    VH,    YS,    K3,    B6,    Z,    A6,    ZC,    RX,    PQ,    QN,    G,    UJ,    QB,    Q4,    Q3,    G2,    PZ,    D1,    VX,    E3,    FV,    QP,    UQ,    V0,    N0,    JX,    F1,    UO,    VF,    QD,    CX,    G3,    UA,    TK,    X2,    HQ,    BZ,    HW,    BX,    HZ,    XG,    I3,    RK,    MW,    QY,    WG,    H1,    QR,    WK,    WL,    C3,    WP,    TQ,    T5,    

USA Industrial Classification :
Real Estate    Services NEC    Unclassified    Real Estate    Business Services Nec    All    Restaurants    Associations    Computer & Equipment Dealers    Media Brokers    Churches    Media services    Insurance    Religious organizations    Online Services    Business Services NEC    Schools    Marketing NEC    Hotels & Motels    Internet Service    Communications    Engineers    FARMS    Educational Coop Organizations    General Contractors    BUILDING MATERIALS, HARDWARE, GARDEN SUPPLY, AND MOBILE HOME DEALERS    Schools    Computer Services    Designers    Real Estate Loans    Beauty Salons    Automobile Dealers-New Cars    Builders Service    Insurance Agents Brokers & Service    Banks    Retail shops    Buyers Information Service    Computers    Financial Advisory Services    Travel agents    Newspapers (Publishers)    Website Design Service    Electric Contractors    Appraisers    Health Services    Marketing Programs & Services    Music Dealers    Car Dealers    Baskets    Construction    More USA Industry Directories

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