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  • linux - Using ls to list directories and their total sizes . . .
    Is it possible to use ls in Unix to list the total size of a sub-directory and all its contents as opposed to the usual 4K that (I assume) is just the directory file itself? I E total 12K drwxrw
  • command line - Get a list of all files in folder and sub . . .
    You can do this on command line, using the -R switch (recursive) and then piping the output to a file thus: ls -R > filename1 this will make a file called filename1 in the current directory, containing a full directory listing of the current directory and all of the sub-directories under it
  • How to copy a list of file names to text file? - Super User
    It's very, very easy in the Windows Command-Line Interpreter (all Windows OSes): Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd Enter) Navigate (cd) to the directory whose files you want to list Enter dir > output_file_name (e g , dir > C:\dir txt) and press Enter ; Open the newly created text file (C:\dir txt) and you'll have the complete output of the dir command in that directory
  • GNU Wget 1. 20 Manual
    1 Overview GNU Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies This chapter is a partial overview of Wget’s features
  • Find - Grymoire
    The Grymoire's Find Tutorial Last modified: Sat Jan 26 10:08:09 2019 Check my Unix Page and My blog Table of Contents Introduction to find
  • bash - How to zip a list of files in Linux - Super User
    Very simple: zip archive -@ < out txt That is, if your out txt file contains one filename per line It will add all the files from out txt to one archive called archive zip The -@ option makes zip read from STDIN If you want to skip creating a temporary out txt file, you can use grep's capability to print filenames, too -r enables recursive search (might not be necessary in your case) and
  • Linux : Search for a Particular word in a List of files . . .
    I have a big list of log files in a particular directory , related to my java Application under my Linux Remote Servers When i do ls on that particular directory it shows a list of files (nearly 100 files )
  • tar Command - IBM
    The tar command manipulates archives by writing files to, or retrieving files from an archive storage medium The files used by the tar command are represented by the File parameter If the File parameter refers to a directory, then that directory and recursively all files and directories within it are referenced as well The tar command looks for archives on the default device (usually tape

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