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  • How to create multiple sub-directories in one command from . . .
    I am in a directory in windows command prompt I can create one sub-directory in a single command like the following: md data rs1 I also can create multiple sub-directories by a single command from Linux like: mkdir -p data rs1 data rs2 data rs3 But I want to create multiple sub-directories in windows command prompt by a single command
  • How to Create Multiple Subdirectories with One Linux Command
    To create a new directory with multiple subdirectories you only need to type the following command at the prompt and press Enter (obviously, change the directory names to what you want) The -p flag tells the mkdir command to create the main directory first if it doesn’t already exist (htg, in our case)
  • mkdir: create multiple directories in one command - garron. me
    When creating directories folders under Linux, you will use mkdir command If you want to create multiple directories in one shot, you can use this form of the command: That is going to create this structure: The -p switch tells mkdir that if for example the folder site does not exist, it should be created too
  • How To Create Multiple Folders And Sub-Folders In One Go
    Using Batch (BAT) Command The second method for creating multiple folders requires using the Batch (BAT) file First you create a root folder in which you want your other folders to appear Once done, create a text file in root folder and enter the md command in following way md <folder name> <sub-folder name>
  • Linux mkdir - How to create multiple directory levels at . . .
    Linux mkdir question: I'm about to go to work on a new server, and I want to create subdirectories named docs, bin, and lib, and the docs directory has two subdirectories named personal and business How can I create these directories and subdirectories with one command? Answer: Use the -p option of the Unix Linux mkdir command The answer is shown below:
  • How to Remove Multiple Subdirectories with One Linux Command
    How to Remove Multiple Subdirectories with One Linux Command Lori Kaufman @howtogeek October 21, 2016, 10:24am EDT If you want to remove several subdirectories within another directory using the command line in Linux, generally you have to use the rm command several times

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