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  • Integer (computer science) - Wikipedia
    In computer science, an integer is a datum of integral data type, a data type that represents some range of mathematical integers Integral data types may be of different sizes and may or may not be allowed to contain negative values Integers are commonly represented in a computer as a group of binary digits (bits)
  • VB. NET and C# Comparison - Harding - Home
    This is a quick reference guide to highlight some key syntactical differences between VB NET and C# Hope you find this useful! Thank you to Tom Shelton, Fergus Cooney, Steven Swafford, Gjuro Kladaric, and others for your contributions
  • C# and VB. NET - net-informations. com
    C# and VB NET CSharp and VB NET are the two primary languages used to program on the NET Framework environment Both languages are use the same framework and they both precompiled into the same byte code and then it is compiled and run at runtime
  • vb. net - How to divide the integer value - Stack Overflow
    I want to perform integer division in VB NET, i e only keep the whole part of division result Dim a, b, c as int32 a = 3500 b = 1200 c = a b This example outputs 3 How do I make it return 2 i
  • VB. Net - Data Types - Tutorials Point
    Module DataTypes Sub Main() Dim b As Byte Dim n As Integer Dim si As Single Dim d As Double Dim da As Date Dim c As Char Dim s As String Dim bl As Boolean b = 1 n = 1234567 si = 0 12345678901234566 d = 0 12345678901234566 da = Today c = "U"c s = "Me" If ScriptEngine = "VB" Then bl = True Else bl
  • The Illustrated TLS Connection: Every Byte Explained
    Every byte of a TLS connection explained and reproduced The client provides an ordered list of which cryptographic methods it will support for key exchange, encryption with that exchanged key, and message authentication
  • How to use VB. NET Arrays
    How to VB Net Arrays Arrays are using for store similar data types grouping as a single unit It is a fixed collection of same data type that are stored contiguously and that are accessible by an index We specify their length and we can initialize arrays with data
  • Socket Class (System. Net. Sockets) | Microsoft Docs
    Note If you are writing a relatively simple application and do not require maximum performance, consider using TcpClient, TcpListener, and UdpClient These classes provide a simpler and more user-friendly interface to Socket communications

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